How We Made AUDI Reach Out To Us!

(Our story of how we made ‘Audi’ reached out to us on a different level for digital marketing )

Last year, Audi Gurugram was looking for a digital marketing manager. In usual scenario, you tend to reach to your prospect client. But here, we made them reach out to us. How? Let’s find out.

Below is the post we came across on LinkedIn. There were hundreds of people sending links of their profiles and resumes. But we broke the usual path and made them approach us.

How We Did It?

We used the power of targeted audience. Our founder Sumit Ghugharwal wrote a blog on Medium- “How Audi Gurgaon Can Leverage Social Media”.

The blog consisted all the social media channels Audi can use to increase their reach and presence effectively to generate leads. The channels mentioned were Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, Whatsapp, Medium, YourQuote & Mirakee. Use of all channels were explained in depth

Then we ran ads on all the Audi employees in Delhi and Gurugram via Facebook & Instagram.

Sumit believes in doing something out of the box. He thought to himself, everyone is going to send in their website links, contact numbers, Email IDs, resumes. But let’s make a different move and let them reach to us.

Ad Type

For Audi, we ran Post Engagement ads. The ad was ran on both Facebook & Instagram in the Audi employee’s feed. Following images will help you understand it better:

Facebook in Feed Ad

Instagram in Feed Ad

Our prospect client – Audi Gurugram- reached out to us. We could not convert it into an active client due certain parameters such as work experience etc but we practically experienced the power of social media. Has your prospect client ever approached you? Break the mainstream chain of getting business and try something new.

Just keep learning, exploring and stay curious!

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