How we reached more than 8 million video views in 4 months on Facebook

” Strategies to engage people on Social Media “

Getting a million views on your social media posts is not rocket science. And trust us when we say it. You need a smart marketing strategy and creativity to get that many hits on your post (video or static).

There are a certain things that you need to keep in mind before you form your strategy. First thing’s first. Good content sells! It a golden rule which is applicable in all perspectives. You need to know what your TA wants to watch or read. Generate content shareable content. Content which people will share or tag their friends.

This can be further explained using a live example. Delhipedia is an online portal which is your ultimate guide to explore Delhi NCR. They publish content regarding new store or restaurant launches in the city, best eating places, best fast food places and so on. Their basic content strategy is very simple and basic. Their content is extremely engaging and interests the readers.

But how did we manage to get more than a 8 million reach on their Facebook page?

Before we go into the details, there are a couple of basic things we focused on.

Their Facebook page engagement rose by 500%, Video views by 466% and Page reach by 600% in one month! We used a systematic process to make this happen. This system allowed us get more reach every week and engage with thousands of people at Scale.

We helped Delhipedia increase its Facebook Page engagement by 500%, Video views by 466% and Page reach by 600% in one month.

In this blog, we’ll be covering the entire system for you. This way you can the similar amount of progress in a couple of months.

To understand the entire strategy better, we’ve taken out certain example from the content posted.

  • Trending Topics and Proximity

It is extremely important to generate context according to what’s trending. Even of the trend doesn’t match your company’s tone, try to merge it, Add an element of the trend to your content.

The ‘Hookha Ban’ news created a storm amongst all Delhiites. We created a simple creative and just wrote one line at the bottom of the creative ‘Tag a friend who loves hookha’. This was published within couples of hours after this news broke out. And the post got nearly 4 lac reach!

It is a golden rule to create content around trending topics and being among the first few to publish it. This is the ultimate trick to get maximum hits on your post and page. Your subscribers or follower will always come to you for the latest and trending trends happening.

Doesn’t matter from which industry you belong, just use this simple rule and see the difference for yourself.

  • Relevance

Know your audience and their interests. If you feed the read with what they want to read or what interests them, your content will always do well. For instance, Dilhiites are really fond of Chai (Tea). Observe the creative above. We’d just targetted 2 things. First, what interests our viewers and second, engaging content. The post got nearly 2 lac reach!

Since at the end we mentioned ‘Tag’ a friend who can drink chai all day, this will begin the tagging game which’ll eventually lead to making your post go viral!

Remember people on Facebook nowadays are playing the ‘Tagging’ game. Try and exhaust element as much as you can. No matter what’s trending, if you create a post that interests your viewers and you mention ‘Tag’ a friend the post will do good!

  • Quiz or Contests

Contests WORK! This is the most basic and effective way of engaging your viewer/ subscribers. Make it simple and according to your TA’s interest.

We made a scoreboard for our TA listing all the famous places a Delhiite has been to or done living in Delhi and the response was INSANE!! People tagged their friends, shared and like it. Reason being- Interesting & engaging content. And the post got 1 lac and 4 lac reach respectively.

It doesn’t matter from which industry you belong, just customize your scoreboard or contest according to your TA and see the difference for yourself!

  • Offers & Discounts

It is human nature to get attracted to places and creatives which offer some kind of discounts or concession. If not online, take an offline store for example. Whenever there is sale on Forever 21 or H&M, the store will be loaded with people.

Similarly, if you post a creative offering any kind of offer or discount, it’ll always do good. In the above mentioned screenshot, we made creatives of things that interest our TA and offered discounts. See for yourself what was the response. The post got 2 lac and 50k reach respectively!

Even you can use this trick to attract your TA and make them like or subscribe your page for more such posts.

  • Emotion

One thing that always works is connecting with your audience at an emotional level. Emotion is one aspect they’ll always work. Tried and tested! In the above image, we targeted the core emotion of all Delhiites – The city! ‘Once you’ve lived in Delhi, no other city will be good enough’. Delhiites tagged their friends & family, shared it and liked it. And the post got 8 lac reach!!!

To get maximum reach on social media, it is very important for your TA to connect with you. And getting an emotional connect will work wonders for your brand!

Delhipedia had 12k likes (engagements) on their page per week and within one month it rose to half a million! And video views increased 842%- 8.1 million view!

We’ve gathered a couple of things while handling Delhipedia’s social media handles:

  1. Content die real quick, Produce in bulk.
  2. Don’t spend too much time on a single content.
  3. Pick the Right Emotions.
  4. Help people do things they want to do faster, better and easier
  5. Repeat what’s working.
  6. Create Meme around your Niche, they work well.

Major things we learned from it:

  1. Attention span of most of the audience is less than 3 seconds.
  2. People get bored very easily if you feed them the same format/type of content.
  3. Same video but in different format can change the engagements
  4. Facebook will show you post organically if your content is engaging.
  5. Changed Video to Square format
  6. Titles on Videos should be short, crispy and catchy.
  7. Posts with high sharing ability do well.
  8. People resonate with places they live (emotional connect)
  9. Posting at least 15 posts a day (videos, creatives and blogs)

Now, you’re well versed with the technical aspects of how to get massive reach on your Facebook videos and page. You can use them for your own company by customizing each aspect according to your company’s tone.

Rest, you can always reach out to us! 🙂

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