The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Optimization Check-list

(These are few useful tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile)

In the age of digital marketing where every business is online, it is extremely important for all working professionals to be on LinkedIn. It is the place to be if you want to meet working professionals and connect with them.

But that is only possible if your profile is properly optimized. Many people consider their LinkedIn profile as a resume. Rather consider it as a sales letter of services you provide to your consumers.

That’ll happen only when you have a well optimized profile. Making your task easier, here are a couple of things you can do to optimize your profile and connect with relevant professionals:

Update Your Banner Image

It is the first thing a person sees when they visit your profile. That image plays a very crucial role. Display an image which throws a question at your reader, which engages them.

Use a professional profile picture

Since you’re at LinkedIn for business and professional purposes it is very important that you have a professional profile picture. A high quality bust shot works the best!

Update field name

It is pretty obvious people want to know your name. But if you add your expertise along with it, it leaves an impact on your reader. Adding your expertise’s would make your reader WANT to read more of your profile.

Add a headline

Adding a headline to your profile play a vital role. Recommended by a lot of experts ‘use a truthful, benefit driven statement’. It makes your profile interesting and makes a viewer scroll down to know about your skills and experiences.

Update your skills & project section

Mention as many skills as you can. It acts like keywords while searching. If you want to rank among the first few searches then add as many skills as you can.

Also you must fill your project section. Never establish that you’re an expert! Whosoever is reading your profile must know about your past work experiences and feel that you’re always up for more learning. Which all projected you’ve for, what were your job responsibilities and so on.

Write your summary well

The section below your headline is the summary section. Before anyone clicks ‘read more’ they have 3-4 lines to read. For them to click that ‘read more’ you must have an extremely provoking beginning. Think of this section as an advertisement for your best client, the type of ad that makes them take an action.

These a couple of quick fix steps you can use to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get desired results.

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