A Beginners Guide To Youtube Ads

(Create and advertise your brand, where the world is available to watch)

According to the facts, almost everyone above the age of 18 spend more time on youtube channels than TV channels. And it has become a hub for all the brands, people, companies to build and grow their network through advertising on youtube.

As, in recent years, various small as well as medium sized businesses across the world has made youtube one of the biggest advertising platform. Today, it is very important to mark your presence on youtube.A guide to give a kick start to your youtube advertising.

Make sure you have an youtube business account and have a youtube channel providing with all the details about your brand, what product you sell or what services you offer. Fill in all the necessary details about your brand. Pick the category that matches best with what your brand is about and whom you want to reach out to.Start uploading few videos introducing your brand, product or services. Do not forget to link your channel to google adwords account to best advertise on youtube.

Right after you have created your youtube channel let’s get started with the process of advertising.

  1. Creation be the first process: Building a story around your product is the best way to attract customers. Try and tell them why your product is necessary for them.Your video message needs to be of the HD quality which makes it attractive and clear. You can create compelling videos using your mobile phones. Various applications are offered to partner the best with your videos – Animoto, Powtoon, Genero, Tongol, Vidmob, Magisto. Tap into these apps and choose the best to create interesting videos in minutes.

If you want to shoot your own video, it’s necessary to conceptualize and then script it before your ready to shoot.

Note: (Make sure your story telling has an emotion that connects to the people so that they remember the whole story.)

  1. Choosing the right audience: Before you start advertising, you should know who are your customer?, where they live?, and what there specific interest are? From millions of customers over youtube you have to select the right audience to be targeted. Various options that helps you for the best targeting are:

Location : Reach your customer depending upon their geographical factors, from a different city or a town or both together. Your product must be valuable for the people living in a particular area and might not be helpful for the other.

Demographic: It is very important to know who you are willing to sell your product. Depending upon the particular age group, gender, Parental status, Marital status or the financial status of the person, you can target the right people.

Interests: Know before you advertise, what your customers are interested in. From hundreds of options, select and create categories of people with different interests and show them what they want.

3. About your video ad: Show your story to people as and when you want. The three types of ad format gives you a chance to either bump into the video or show them before they start watching their favourite channel.

Video Ads Format :

Trueview In stream ads: Just before they start watching the main video, get them to your ad and change their interest in seconds.Your advertisement works best here as they haven’t started watching the video so it is easy to redirect their interest to your product and make an action.

Trueview Discovery ad: If you have a longer video to show and deliver your message, use this ad format to view your ad on the homepage while they are browsing the videos. It appears as a result of their search history and it invites them to view the video one. It appears on the homepage, along your youtube videos and in the search history.

Bumper ads: Deliver your message to your audience with a short & catchy ad bumping before, after or in the video. The viewer cannot skip the ad so you can either make them take an action or just stick your message to them in few seconds.

4. Understanding the budget strategy: Soon after your video is ready to hit the target audience, set a budget for your ad set.Start with a lower budget and increase as you target the broader audience. It’s your call about how much budget you want to set and how you decide to pay.

You’ll only be charged if,

  • Anyone watches you advertisement for more than 30 seconds.
  • Anyone watches the complete advertisement.
  • Or Anyone clicks on your ad or make an action.

Get started !Your video is now ready to be delivered to the audience. But you will never hit the bars unless you check the analysis from the your first video (impressions, reach, visibility, conversions, clicks). Learning about your statistics from every ad is a step ahead to hit the bars of reaching your audience.

Take a step by step start to your first youtube ad at https://www.youtube.com/yt/advertise/running-a-video-ad/#want-to-reach and reach out to us for any further information!

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