How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Drive

Windows allows you to rotate screen since the ancient times. This feature is extremely useful for those having a screen with a rotating stand. Portrait orientation is more convenient for reading, writing or any other sort of task which requires more phone-like screen aspect ratio. Screen rotation on Windows 10 is also an integral part of the laptops and tablets with touchscreens. It is nice to watch YouTube video in landscape but then continue reading the book in portrait mode. Laptops and tablets have automatic screen rotation on Windows 10.

Select a window, such as a dialog box, that you want to capture. Taking a screenshot here will copy it to your Clipboard. If you have issues with the Print Screen button not working properly, check How to Fix the Print Screen Not Working on Windows 10. Rory is a Deals Editor at Tom’s Guide based in the UK. He covers a wide range of topics but with a particular focus on deals, gaming and streaming.

Windows 11 KB5012592 Update Lets Users Easily Change the Default Browser

She is very funny and energetic in life, and always brings friends lots of laughs. This trick appears to work for the included Get Office, Get Skype, Get Started, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Money, News, Phone Companion, and Sports apps. You can also uninstall bloatware apps your PC manufacturer has installed using this method. It even works for apps that are “automatically downloaded” by Windows 10, such as Candy Crush, FarmVille, TripAdvisor, Netflix, and Pandora. Search your Downloads folder for a file drivers for windows called iobituninstaller.exe.

  • The Start menu will provide you with the list of the installed programs and apps where you will find the program which you want to uninstall.
  • To enable back tapping, visit Settings then Accessibility.
  • InShot for pc is a powerful and enhanced video editor that lets you discover more with videos than what conventional video editors allow.

Google has been using the Pixel 6 to test pKVM and the Virtualization module, but prior to the Android 13 release, neither was enabled in production builds. Starting with Android 13, however, the Pixel 6 series ships with the Virtualization module as well as KVM support out of the box. This allows the devices to securely boot operating systems in a virtual machine. Under the new Remote Key Provisioning scheme, OEMs will no longer provision attestation private keys in the factory. Instead, a unique, static public/private keypair is generated by each device at the factory, and the OEM extracts the public portion of the keypair and submits it to Google. The public keys serve as the basis of trust for provisioning later, while the private key never leaves the secure hardware where it’s generated.

Can you dual-boot SteamOS and Windows 11?

I have been personally using it with Firefox for the better part of the last decade and can personally vouch for its efficacy, speed and ease-of-operation. Like Snip and Sketch, another relatively new way to take screenshots on Windows is with the Game Bar. It is a Windows 10 feature that rolled out with the Creators Update back in 2017. It lets you take control of all your gaming activities, such as music and chat, in one place.

How to Wipe Your Computer Hard Drive & Literally Start All Over

If you’re on a Mac, you can also check out Zappy by Zapier, a screenshot tool for macOS that helps your team share what you see in a snap. With easy-to-use annotation tools, Zappy can help you collaborate with your teammates fast. Quickly capture and share screenshots, GIFs, and recordings for free. You can paste the screenshot into any program that displays images, like Paint or Microsoft Word. On older Windows Phone devices, the key combination for taking a screenshot was the Power + Start buttons.

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