Most Viewed Advertisements Of 2017

(Why these advertisements were better than thousands of others?)

We live in a world where every moment we’re exposed to advertisements. Be it while using our phones, watching YouTube videos, travelling in metro/ cab and the list is endless. Advertisements are a very vital part of our lives. And in today’s time advertisement industry has grown A LOT! In the past couple of years we’ve seen some amazing ads which have touched all of us in some or the other way.

Remember Google came up with an ad of 2 friends being reunited by their grandchildren? The campaign’s name was “Reunion” and it was conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather. The ad fits perfectly to the theme of the company and evokes the viewer’s emotions.

Just like “Reunion” there are ‘n’ number ads which have touched our hearts. In the blog today, we’ll be analyzing one of the most viewed advertisements of 2017 and why they were so loved and viewed.

Nayi Soch (Star Plus)

Star Plus’s new ad campaign broke all gender related stereotypes. The ad is simple yet has a powerful narrative. Aamir plays Gurdeep Singh, a sweet shop owner in the ad.

Concept: The ad begins with a sweet shop getting a new signboard and sweets being dispatched in a large quantity. A customer congratulates Gurdeep (Aamir) for an increase in sale of sweets. Gurdeep smiles and says that it’s all his children’s efforts, as they have listed his business on the internet. The customer praises his children and says that he has worthy sons, but is instantly corrected by the proud father who says that it’s not his sons but daughters who deserve these compliments–pointing towards the two girls who are managing the sweets orders. The customer then notices the signboard that reads ‘Gurdeep Singh & Daughters’. The ad ends with a voice-over saying “Kamyabi na ladka dekhti hai na ladki. Kaamyabi sirf soch dekhti hai.” (Success does not differentiate between a boy and a girl, it only is based on the quality of thought)

Why it worked: The advertisement has nearly 8 million views on YouTube. The reason it went so viral and was one of the most talked about ad is that it directly touched our hearts. Gender equality is one issue that our country is struggling with. This is one of those ads which made us think after it ended. Hats off to Star plus for this brilliant campaign as it questioned various social stereotypes that still holds women back.

Parachute (#MagicOfWarmth)

Parachute last year had come with hot oil massage concept during the winters. They came up with a beautiful advertisement showing a typical brother-sister relationship but with a twist at the end.

Concept: The scene opens with sister always being irritated with her brother’s ‘uncordial’ behavior. The video shows various instances of the same. One night, at the dinner table, they confront each other on their behaviors and the sister goes to her room in anger. The next scene shows the brother opening a bottle of Parachutes hot oil and applying it to his sister’s head. They clear their differences in the conversation as he continues to oil her dry hair. The ad ends with a voice-over saying ‘be it relationships gone dry or hair, all one needs is a little bit of warmth.’

Why it worked: The reason why this ad got over a million views is that it touched the most basic and relatable aspect of our lives. A brother-sister relationship is extremely heartwarming bond and touches the most fondest memories we have with our siblings. It was an amazing concept with touched a million hearts!

United Colors Of Benetton (#UnitedByHalf)

It an extremely unique and empowering campaign by United Colors Of Benetton. The ad was released in India on Valentine’s day. After it received an overwhelmingly positive response in India of over 7.7 million views on YouTube in less than a month, the fashion brand decided to take its message of gender equality and spread it globally.

Concept: The advertisement shows different women breaking the stereotypes of gender-specific roles and doing a “man’s” job. It is a montage of different Indian women in positions of strength and power and breaking social taboos. The ad includes a group of older women bowling in saris, a little girl arm wrestling a little boy, a woman taking the initiative in bed, a pregnant woman working at her laptop while her husband looks after her child, women helping their partners to move furniture or change a tire, and working women holding up signs demanding equal pay. Then, in the end, a voice-over says “We are not the better halves, or worse. Definitely not the weaker halves. All we want is our half,”.

Why it worked: This ad is extremely empowering. It was loved by women all across the globe. It evoked a sense of empowerment in women by making them aware that they can do anything and everything irrespective of their gender. The ad got more than 5 million views on YouTube. And the major reason behind it is that this is one issue (gender equality) our country is still facing. People were able to connect with the ad. And truth be told, the ad will make you think after it ends!

Vodafone (#MakeTheMostOfNow)

Okay. This is probably one of the most adorable advertisements ever made. Featuring veteran bharatnatyam dancers Shanta and Vannadil Pudiyaveettil Dhananjayan, this ad created a lot of buzz and all for the right reasons! The advertisement shows a life an elderly couple post-retirement (most probably) and how they’re exploring their smartphones and internet connectivity. It got 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Concept: ‘The Dhananjayans’ as they are popularly known, are featured as the cool elderly couple in the advertisement, chilling in Goa on their second honeymoon after 35-years of marriage. From getting a tattoo to parasailing, the adorable duo is not just adventurous but is also shown to be keeping pace with technology (with a little help from 4G Vodafone network) using Facebook live, Google maps, video calling and photo-sharing features.

Why it worked: The advertisement has an ‘aww’ factor to it. It is extremely adorable and was a great way to target all the elderly people and clearing their inhibitions with technology.

“We are positioning ourselves as a modern brand that is contemporary, inspiring and fit for purpose in this new era. It will position us as the brand that has a progressive view of the world; a brand that continues to command respect and trust in all that it does, one that is admired by all and loved by those who use it. Our new positioning will help us answer – why Vodafone.” said Sunil Sood, managing director and chief executive officer, Vodafone India.

This was the first campaign after Vodafone repositioned themselves. The advertisement was widely loved by all age groups, especially oldies. The audience was able to connect with concept on an emotional level. You choose the right emotion your ad will do well.

MakeMyTrip (International)

Last year, one of the top online travel company- MakeMyTrip came up with 6 advertising series featuring actors- Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt & Diana Penty. The idea behind it was “Think International, Think MakeMyTrip. Their international ad had become of the most viewed ad of 2017. Why? Let’s see why.


Concept: In the ad, both the actors (Alia & Diana) are seen in a corporate set-up. The ad opens with Alia and Diana trying to figure out where Ranveer belongs to. He is initially shown as a very elegant personality with a strong English accent. Alia comes out with a plan and enquirers Ranveer about his bookings for his forthcoming visit to Paris. She also shows him the discounts that are available on MMT. After comparing the prices he paid for his trip and the deals available on MMT, he gives up his accent and calls up his travel agency and abuses him, of course, in Hindi. Alia figures out that Ranveer is from Delhi after hearing the type of language he uses.

Why it worked: The advertisement was extremely relatable to delhiites especially as there are certain slangs which are just used by them. The entire concept is very lively and hilarious. It touched people on an emotional level triggering a sense of belonging. The ad has nearly 55 million views on YouTube!

So these were the most viewed advertisements of 2017. Today, we’re exposed to tonne loads of advertisements wherever we go. But from now, just think which one touches you the most and why?

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